Let us know diamonds

The chemical composition of a diamond is carbon, which is the only single element in a gemstone and belongs to an equiaxed system. Often containing 0.05% to 0.2% of impurity elements, the most important of which are N and B, their presence is related to the type and nature-----

How to "raise" jade

If the jade is to be raised, is it a bit fresh? Although jade is not an animal or a plant, it does need nursing. Everyone knows that there are species of jade, and there are "old" and "tender" species. The "old" crystal grains are fine, the cr-----

Yujia Shadow Theater Pioneer Shadow Face Change

In the second traditional arts and crafts exhibition in Anhui Province that ended on December 9th, the Yujia Shadow Theater in Handan City won the first prize for good results. As the 2008 intangible cultural heritage of Anhui Province, Yujia Shadow Play, the successor Yu Qihua has devoted-----

Yao Mu: Innovation starts from the production line

On December 9th, invited by Sichuan Textile Engineering Society and Chengdu Textile College, Yao Mu, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, came to Chengdu Spinnery to “the status quo, opportunities, challenges, outlets of the textile industry and the face of Chinese t-----