Warmly celebrate Wanda fashion men's Guangdong Heyu…

June 11, Guangdong Heyuan Wappen PEACEBIRD fashion men's clothing store after intense preparation and decoration, finally grand opening! In this blessing Pacific Heyuan store business is booming, Caijin Guangjin! Opening during the celebration of the audience 20% discount, more surprises offer -----

How should the elderly choose shoes?

[This site - shoes and life] With age, the elderly's foot shape also began to change. The arch began to collapse and the forefoot widened and expanded, and many elderly people complained that they could not buy the right shoes. Here we talk about the tips for elderly people to choose shoes. F-----

China Clothing Industry Development New Bright Spots

In the 2013 Top 50 Most Valuable Chinese Brands list published by Millward Brown, a market consulting firm, it is not difficult to find that the brand value of casual fashion apparel companies has made tremendous progress. However, while these enterprises are developing, they have also exp-----