Jade color change reason

If the color is lighter or becomes a bad color, then your jade is probably dyed. You have to be careful about this. 1. The mechanism of jade health has been confirmed by modern science. According to chemical analysis, jade contains a variety of trace elements beneficial t-----

Summer flowers ornament dotted better

When it comes to summer, you will think of the hot weather, the sun, the beach, the sea, the happy mood, and colorful colorful scenes. This summer is not as good as using colorful flower accessories to welcome the arrival of a beautiful summer! Supermodel Fifi wearing a fringed vest wore a black wr-----

How to maintain amber

Amber, known as the "lightest" jewel in the world, has low hardness, is not resistant to high temperatures, and is afraid of direct sunlight. These features make amber maintenance difficult. The following 15 guidelines collected by China Jewelry Merchants Network-----