Doll girls girls intimate girls intimate friends

Girl doll underwear can be formed by one-piece thin sponge coaster, full cup design, effectively support the breast, protect the breast from the outside world; under the tight tight, will not produce Le marks and discomfort; elastic fabric, comfortable breathable, color Elegant and warm, suitable -----

French elegant fashion bloom "ELLE" women'…

On May 23rd, the leader of the French fashion industry, ELLE Women's 2012 Autumn and Winter Press Conference opened in Phoenix, Guangzhou. The event was organized by ELLE Women's China operator, Guangzhou Yini Garments Co., Ltd. Mr. Zhang Quanxi, Chairman of Hong Kong Beyond International -----

Mira bear children's national tour ended

After a month of the 2012 Mira Lai Mau Bear Tour Fair has recently officially concluded tour of the successful, achieved fruitful, inseparable from each of the Mira bear families work together. This tour, the biggest bright spot is the product design and fashion elements combined with the pursuit o-----

"LUKU green cool" army walk Xunliao Wan meter…

Shenzhen Tiandilong Garments Co., Ltd. responded to the call of "Green Travel" of the municipal government with practical actions and disseminated the philosophy of low-carbon and green living to the society. In mid-April, it organized the 1,000-person walking activity with the theme of &-----