LED light bar overview and installation method

LED light strips are more and more popular among consumers because of their energy saving, high brightness and reasonable price.

1, how to cut the LED light bar to make a cut position according to the customer's requirements. However, some customers will

Colorful items create creative spring style

This February 26 hearing, the bright color of a single product can visually feel the breath of spring, this season will continue to dominate the colorful color. Blue, orange, pink, yellow and other colorful new single items make women who love beauty have greater choice. F

The first K gold female watch presented to Kim Il Sung (photo)

During the brand exhibition of the first China International Jewellery & Watch Business Conference in 2014, the domestic collections of boutique collections received a lot of attention. Here is a domestic watch since 1953. This is the first K-gold watch

There are five minefields in the collection of jade.

Jade collection has gradually become a popular collection, but the jade collection has a long history and cultural connotation, which also makes the jade collection more deep. To collect a good jade, you must rely not only on your eyesight, but also on your fate. T

Two-piece suit with a casual jacket with what clothes look good

Spring can also be said to be embarrassed season, this season wearing short-sleeved cold, two do not know how to match, not ready for spring pro pro Maha not to begin preparations, do not rush too late Now start spring clothing for your kids. Where pocket two-piece suit with children's clo

What fabric cool chiffon fabric with how

Is another spring coming, are you ready? Although the cold weather in the past, but the heat is coming, the winter cold we can wear a thick, but the hot spring and summer air-conditioned only, enough to wear less, and can no longer off, what the fabric more cool it

Lose money without losing the New Year's party shoes dazzling

This February 8 hearing, this time when the Spring Festival holiday, large and small party parties flocked. The party is a place where "lose losers don't lose the line". In order to cope with the dresses of various parties, are you still hurting your brain? E

How to buy authentic and cheap clothes

Women like three kinds of flowers, rich flowers, casual flowers, beautiful flowers, but the dream is full of very realistic, not every woman can have a lot of money for your beautiful flowers, in life we ​​still have to understand how Easier thrifty m

The short boots are stylish and stylish.

This February 19th, this website , short boots is a must-have for this season, it is warm and stylish to wear, is a degree of fashion out of a single product. The elegant booties with ankles and short cropped dresses or trousers make a handsome look. Regar