Choose carpet material according to different functions of the room

For wool carpets, wool will account for 13%-18% of its own weight in normal humidity. Under special conditions, the water content of wool can reach 33%. It is this special property that makes it high. In a humid environment, moisture can be absorbed from the air, and when the air is dry

Elie Saab 09 autumn and winter women's new product release

Elie Saab's show opening this season brings people new expectations. First of all, he changed the scene of the T stage and turned the nightclub-style mirror stretching platform into a T stage with plain white floor. It feels mor

Pink and tender shoes are awesome to you in summer

In this sweet spring day, the spring breeze is getting warmer. The cool summer is coming. Have you prepared the same cool shoes for yourself? not yet? Let's look over it together with Xiao Bian. These beautiful shoes must have you like.

Paladini lace underwear mysterious sexy (Figure)

Paladini's colorful, lightly fluttering lace underwear reveals a mystery of color, beautiful patterns, embellishments and enchanting, sexy silk bloom, charm can not resist. The characteristics of women are played incisively and

Do marketing, can't learn small Shenyang

In the CCTV Spring Festival Evening in 2009, Xiao Shenyang was really a fire. Overnight, the red was all over the country, and even the children learned him all day long. "Hao" was not finished. Through the East Wind of the Spring Festival Evening, the

Baby socks are more important than shoes

【This site】 ·Shoes due to the material and process will be contaminated by harmful chemicals, direct contact with the baby's young skin and detoxification function is not yet perfect body, very harmful.

· Without socks, the baby's foot loses a layer of e

"BBLLUUEE pink blue" CHIC09 full return home

On March 26th, the 2009 China International Clothing & Accessories Expo (CHIC09) was opened in Beijing in spring, and Shenzhen Pink Cloth Wardrobe Co., Ltd. for the first time took the women's brand “BBLLUUEE Pink Blue