Snake eye fans "SEYEMIMI" urban women's fashion favorite

Snake eye fans "seyemimi" women's brand adhering to the forefront of international design concepts and the latest international fashion trends, with excellent quality and unique style, sought after by consumers across the country, with its distinctive

Hebei Textile has stepped into the road of quality and efficiency

In the first quarter of 2011, the Hebei textile industry continued its growth trend since the second half of 2010. At the same time, Hebei textile companies shift their focus from quantity and speed to quality and efficiency. According to statistics, 957 texti

Mummy Star Kids - Mommy choice

Health, happiness, fashion, personality. . . Not only is each child should have the qualities, but also every mother's expectations of their own babies, as "Mummy Star" children's clothing brand as explained, each child is Mummy's star! As a children's clothing brand

Huian woman "wear a pair of red shoes to death"

Huian County, Fujian Chongwu half bird on the village, where Huian live in women, they wear homemade embroidered shoes, which resembles slippers, embroidered with red cloth uppers, soles with rags stacked into about one inch thick, Later people directly from the old soles lining the old cloth

2011 Beijing clothing fair underwear stunning debut

Each year's service fair will make people have unexpected gains! In addition to the delicious fashion feast, and the visual impact is not small. In this exhibition, a fashion show of sexy lingerie also kicked off, the design of personality and bright colors, le

DUNNU2011 / 2012 autumn and winter fashion conference

Autumn and winter fashion conference DUNNU2011 / 2012 - "slough": inspired by the beautiful nature, touching transformation, the flying butterfly is the dream of human fantasy wing, in the colorful halo, the fashionable fashion rendering of the transforma