INTUNE Women "Diablo" hit punk rock style High turned the audience

Fashion Week favorite Wu Mozhao, the first battle in Paris, then its iconic dark rock style in many view actress off, the successful fashion industry power list, called the Chinese version of "LAD Ah GAGA." It represents the dark rock style, in the tough

Love child spring summer dress to create a beautiful princess

Every little girl's childhood has a beautiful dress, this summer is coming, the child's dress ready yet? If not, it is better to take a look at Ai Duo childrens fashion spring and summer 2013 new dress it, sweet and lovely modeling with exquisite high-grade fabrics, to create a beautif

Can not stop the pastoral style Raythos 2013 summer new listing

Leisuo Si clothing language and design language through the luxury of urban fashion taste and charm, to release to the inner true self, which is the natural power of LEISUOSI. This season's new dress quite pastoral scenery, if you are tired of Lolita, OL, may w

Cevel City Wardrobe · Fast Fashion Women 2013 You deserve it

Snake dance, celebrate the New Year, 2013 Cevel city ​​wardrobe investment officially started joining. As a dark horse in the fast-fashion women's clothing brand in China, Cevel urban wardrobes have been growing by over 100% annually over the past

Shiti XIDI Women's Clothing 2013CHIC Charm Bloom

British XIDI brand apparel absorbed the essence of international fashion fashion concept, sensitively capturing the international popular elements, integrating national traditions, focusing on the style of color matching, the delica

Characteristics and protection of trade secrets in franchising

(1) The form of expression of trade secrets in franchise The object of franchise rights is not protected by special law. The information that the franchisor adopts confidentiality measures and can bring economic or competitive advantages to the franchisor can be used as the trade secret of