Rooney's wig and Ronaldo's hairstyle

Let me talk about a joke that was heard: a snail was buried in the mud at the edge of the pool. The snail said to the mud: "You can'

Floral skirt with what shirt Floral skirt with

The most beautiful is not a rainy day, the most beautiful is the appearance of a woman dressed, no matter which woman is the most beautiful, are unique in the world, the world is only lazy woman, no ugly woman, as long as know how to dress themselves is the most be

Braided shoes: Awakening summer refreshing flavor and charm

Ben Wang June 30 hearing, the history of weaving shoes, has a long history, it is no exaggeration to say that from the feet of the needs of the shoes have it at the time, weaving shoes on the fashion stage is always fresh. From poor farmers to privileged aristocrats, from

DAMBOLO adds nostalgia to fashion trends

With the improvement of consumers’ shopping appeals and the development of information dissemination, DAMBOLO is deeply aware that a simple product can no longer meet the needs of fashionistas, and design items with rich connotations are j