Preservation and maintenance of diamond ring

Diamond ring is the favorite jewelry for women. The diamond ring is a valuable accessory and even represents an important meaning. We cherish it and don't want it to suffer any damage. Here's how to save and maintain the diamond ring. We believe that as lon

12 ways to teach you will not buy fake beeswax

Wax is gradually becoming a new favorite in the collection market. A string of 60-70 grams of beeswax beads, worth thousands of dollars, and a good quality is tens of thousands of yuan, but the problem of authenticity is also in front of collectors, Chinese

Jade color change reason


If the color is lighter or becomes a bad color, then your jade is probably dyed. You have to be careful abo

Summer flowers ornament dotted better

When it comes to summer, you will think of the hot weather, the sun, the beach, the sea, the happy mood, and colorful colorful scenes. This summer is not as good as using colorful flower accessories to welcome the arrival of a beautiful summer! Supermodel Fifi wearing a fringed vest wore a bla

How to maintain amber

Amber, known as the "lightest" jewel in the world, has low hardness, is not resistant to high temperatures, and is afraid of direct sunlight. These features make amber maintenance difficult. The following 15 guidelines collected by China Jewelry Merchants

Mango Mango Release 2015 Fall Winter Women's Preview Series

The Spanish fashion brand Mango Mango released the 2015 autumn and winter preview series LookBook, and the model Steffy Argelich appeared in the endorsement. This season's brand is dominated by the retro fashion of the 1970s.

Wish "Taixing Gulou West Road franchise" grand opening

Summer, can not stop the " animal husbandry soft " underwear chain, to spread the love of Chinese women's rights. Ushered in the July 3, July 6, two consecutive days of double-store celebration of the great opportunity, "animal husbandry soft&quo

Wear more summer lace wild romantic one summer

Lace as the trend of a single product throughout the year, more popular in the summer of all ages and favor. In the summer, a season where you can release your graceful figure and put on a slightly transparent lace will release a more elegant femininity. How to loo

Pure girl clothing like gardenia-like charming sweet

do you know? Ho Chi film director's debut, "Gardenia 2015" officially announced the file July 10 national release friends. "Gardenia so beautiful so white This is a season we will leave your shy girl like a burst of fragrance linger in my heart g