Clothing industry insiders: mink coats are dog skins

Clothing industry insiders: mink coats are dog skins A year ago, Ms. Guo, a citizen of Dalian, purchased a fur coat at a store for RMB 17,800. She wore a winter last year. When she re-worn this year, she found problems with open seams, shrinking sleeves, and lighter coats. . She originally thought it was his improper maintenance, the consultant learned that the fur coat is very thin, it is likely that when the leather jacket was artificially elongated.

Ms. Zhang, a citizen of Dalian, has recently been in the dark. In October last year, she bought a mink coat for 13,000 yuan. She wore it for a season last year. Not long ago, she took it out of the closet and found that the shrinkage was severe and she was too thin to wear. After being identified by experts, Coats are refurbished.

The relevant person in charge of the Association of Consumers in Dalian stated that most complainants of such complaints discovered quality problems only after purchasing fur garments for a year or two. Since the fur jackets do not implement the Three Guarantees, consumers often face difficulties in maintaining their rights. “If the problem is discovered shortly after it is bought, the difficulty of rights protection will be much less.” The person in charge told reporters that not long ago, a consumer named Wang bought a black imported mink coat in a large fur store in the city. After wearing home for only 3 days, there was a problem with the quality of the fur exposed on the bottom, lint, and fading. The complaint went to the consumer association. After mediation, the merchant quickly agreed to give the consumer a refund.

Wang Li, who has been retreaded and pitted, believes that mink skin is a big concept, including mink skin, fox skin, and rabbit skin. Freckles are often referred to as suede. Suede is characterized by "the wind is warmer than the fur, the snow falls from the snow, and the rain falls from the skin." In recent years, with the improvement of living standards, luxury fur garments have become more and more popular among consumers. Due to the high price of fur, some unscrupulous operators have focused on how to take fraudulent means to take profits. The most difficult to prevent, one is the refurbishment of old goods, and the other is the extension of the board, the current two methods of fraud are very common.

Wang Li said that some unscrupulous traders dyed and refurbished clothing made from weasels, foxes, or rex rabbit hides and even dog skins that were bought by recyclers into suede products that ordinary consumers could not tell. She calculated an account for the reporter, a suede clothing, the cost of production with a new suede about 1.2 million, while the cost of refurbished goods is generally only up to two or three thousand dollars, the current retail price of new products in general More than 15,000 yuan, the general price of refurbished goods in the 6000 to 10,000 yuan.

Speaking of stretched leather panels, Wang Li said that a suede garment normally requires 30 pieces of suede, and the length of the leather plate can be reduced to 4 or 5 pieces. Now a suede leather plate is around 500 yuan. The cost of using 5 or 6 fewer pieces will decrease by 3,000 yuan. After stretching, the stretched suede will surely shrink, and some will even fail to wear it. It is very difficult for a layman to deal with this kind of fur coat.

Choosing a Reputable Merchant How do consumers identify whether fur garments are used for refurbishment? Experts from the Dalian Product Quality Inspection and Supervision Institute paid three visits in an interview with reporters: smell, see, and touch.

The first is smelling odors, and all the fur garments that pass through have their own odor, and this odor is difficult to eliminate by post-processing. The second is to see the style, look collar collar color. The refurbished suede clothing styles are very old, compared with the current style, a big difference. At the same time, the long-term wear of Mao Feng at the front rim, collar, and cuff is very short. In order to cover up the refurbishment, the colors are generally dark, such as black or dark brown. The third is touch feeling. The clothes passing through are poor in feel and sticky. Good fur garments have the same length, plush hair, uniform hair surface, uniform color, bright luster, soft touch, and no stickiness.

The relevant person in charge of the Association of Consumers in Dalian reminds consumers that when purchasing fur garments, they should pay attention to the following points: choose a reputable formal shopping mall and businesses to buy; carefully check the quality of goods and require the merchant to issue a quality report, the business’s verbal promise should be Form written materials; must keep original invoices to ensure that there is a basis for the issue of rights protection.

Spelling and smashing in the past few days, in the number of fur market and specialty stores in Dalian, found the same manufacturer of the same style mink coat, the price is very different, some tens of thousands of dollars.

Wang Li explained that the fur garments have a lot of tricks. "The whole coat is spliced ​​with the whole piece of suede, which is usually made from the back. It is not easy to lose hair. The smashing is to trim the remaining material with a rake, which is usually a gimmick, a cheek and a dovetail stitching. In general, a mid-to-long fur coat needs about 30 pieces of suede to stitch together, even a small suede coat needs 20 pieces of suede. The material is different in thickness, the length of the hair, and the hardness of the hair are not the same. This kind of spelling and love is also easy to lose hair, which is worth a processing fee."

There is also a large gap in quality between "spelling" and "trimming" due to differences in the production of raw materials and production methods. "If a piece is properly maintained, it should be kept as it is for ten years. If it is spelled, it can be worn for up to three or five years."

Renovation of skinned skin According to reports, Ms. Zhao, who lives in Quanyong Community, Xinggong Street, Dalian City, recently gave her a black suede for maintenance. However, she was told that there was a problem with the skin of her clothes, and each side had a part of the skin. Ms. Zhao thought that the other party was joking because she had bought the branded goods eight years ago and used "a good first-class hide." However, under the guidance of the staff, she carefully observed that the color and texture of the fur on both sides of the clothes are indeed different from other parts. At this time, she remembered that in October this year, a change was made to the mink coat. The ten ** changed the clothes and changed the leather material. However, it was difficult to find a person who had tampered with the suede because he had been introduced by the person at the time. "The 60,000 yuan to buy the classic paragraph, the leather is awesome, but now it looks too rustic to wear out again, so I spent nearly a thousand dollars to change the money. I did not expect, is now lost his wife and folded soldiers." Miss Zhao Said helplessly.

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