Zhuomu adjustment of adjustable lingerie in a woman, plastic curve

Zhuomu underwear is a plastic-adjusting underwear as the core of a comprehensive fashion brand, is committed to the design of Chinese women, "inside the woman, plastic curve," the health and comfort underwear, designed for 25-45-year-old, recognition of plastic Adjustable underwear culture, the pursuit of fashionable and healthy modern women carefully crafted.


Elegant and cool lake blue and dark coffee combination, the two are compatible with each other embellishment, bringing people is a kind of mature woman will be distributed elegance. Highly inclusive breast cup to create a full curve of the chest, the side of the armpit surrounded by excess milk and fat gather effectively to the chest, firmly locked does not return.

卓慕养塑调整型内衣  内养女人、外塑曲线

Brilliant Ai Qing covered with exquisite and delicate carved embroidery, so that the overall three-dimensional sense, as the court-like gorgeous feeling distributed from the inside and outside quietly. High chicken heart and the next chops on the chest line care, widening the side and double glue will armpit Fuyou provoke to the chest, to prevent the expansion of the chest, drooping, deformation.

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