China's most precious jewels Qing Dynasty court jewels war Europe

Beautiful jewels not only shine, but also the temperament and style of the wearer. When jewelry is connected with the user and appears in a specific historical field, the jewelry itself is embodied in a cultural symbol, symbolizing the identity and power of the use

Flare pants regain grace Mann women create a workplace retro look

En Morin adhering to the French apparel clear and neat style, with simple lines and bright colors to emphasize the slender women tall and straight; detail changes in the neutral element to add a handsome side of women, take full advantage of the combination of diff

Healthy life tips

Violet Fashion Health Home Textile reminds you that some home products will take a long time, and there will be problems of one kind or another. Periodically cleaning and replacing household items is more beneficial to health. Follow the Violet Home Textiles brand professionals to find

Legend of the hometown of jade

Most of the jade merchants in Myanmar believe that jade is the embodiment of the fairy elf and is known as the "Emerald Girl." It is said that the Emerald Fairy was born in a beautiful Chinese family in Dali, Yunnan, China. It is naturally beautiful and e

Sheng Shi Jade Shenghui

Sheng Shixing collection. Today, the top jade has become the darling of the investment and art collection industry. It can be expected that the price of high-grade jade will increase by more than 30% every year in the next few years.

Treasure prices are not

Emerald language and common sense

The geological conditions of jadeite formation are very harsh. It requires a high-pressure and low-temperature geological environment (pressure 5×10(3)-7×10(3)kpa, temperature 150-300°C). First of all, jadeite is very difficult to form throughout the ear

Moustia Women's new terminal image released in 2013

Under normal circumstances, the brand image of the terminal and the decoration style has a direct impact on consumers, a more comfortable environment can arouse the desire of consumers and quickly place orders. The brand business people are constantly updating the

O'Neil Road summer new gentleman's temperament began

Men's temperament, gentleman style seems to be the most popular kind. Whether it is the business elite, or celebrities, gentleman temperament are the pursuit of their dressing style. The perfect man not only has his own set of dressing philosophy hidden behind it. As important as taste, at

Brace modeling bra bold show a show of your beautiful chest

Breast is one of the hallmarks of women's bodybuilding, plump breasts can not only bring out the graceful posture, but also the performance of a healthy body. However, wearing a pair of underwear can also make your beautiful chest show a show, Braxes shaping un