Finity Finidi women's mashup master trick! It's not so hard to wear the same color

The seemingly simple same color system will make many people feel too monotonous, but in fact, a closer look will reveal that this kind of collocation has a secretive mentality. How to stand out in the mix-and-match battle? First of all, it is necessary to grasp which colors are the most popular in the winter, and then they are patchy. Matching is also a big focus! Below Xiao Fei to give you a stroke with the same color mix and match, you must not miss it!

The unique earth color of autumn and winter, in the hustle and bustle surrounded by the colors of the original nature, finds the first self. Using a color scheme with a large degree of saturation, color contrasts and splicing of different materials project conflict between the inner and the actual, slightly more abstract patterns bring more artistic atmosphere, and brings the wilderness style of wild to autumn and winter. .

Navy blue, one of blue, close to dark blue. The navy blue is an impression that can give a person professional and professional in an instant. Think about why so many uniforms are navy. Whether it is trousers or skirts, as long as your work place is mainly office, a set of navy blue Suits should have. Although it is conservative in style and rigorous in color, it does not have too many tricks, but it is an indispensable helper for you to build a capable, professional and stable personal image.

Black mysterious, dark, hidden power, it absorbs all light without any reflection. Black seems to dominate the entire color world. In the past people's mind set, black is easy to think of its elegant style, luxurious and full of rustic meaning, interpreting the implicit romantic feelings of modern people, so that we can see that black has never been in fashion design for a moment. The eternal existence disappeared.

Sense of femininity. It is between brown and red. It's wonderful. It's the color that this autumn and winter is worth trying. Whether you are a career woman, a socialite, or a party queen, you will have the same dress requirement in autumn and winter. That is to meet the windproof and warmth, but also to show your charming elegant temperament and extraordinary fashion gas field.

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