How can a wig not fall from the head?

When Mr. O'Reilly was dear, his wife called the funeral organizer aside and had a private conversation.

"Please be careful to wear a wig on his head, except that I still don't know that he is bald." Mrs. O'Reilly whispered solemnly. "There is a very difficult thing to do now. When the friends from our hometown finally say goodbye to him, they must hold his hand and touch his head."

"Do not worry, Mrs. O'Reilly", the organizer comforted, "I will handle his wig, and will never fall."

That was the case on the day of the mourning. Although the body of Mr. Aureui was tossed by a group of friends from his hometown for a long time, the wig was still very strong. After the day's work, Mrs. O'Reilly gave him a few hundred dollars in order to reward the organizer.

"I can't ask for your money," the organizer insisted. "Isn't that a bottle of super glue?"

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