Men's type card: the workplace's "gray" style

Regardless of men's, women's, black and white ash occupy a very important position, the three most classic colors can appear in a variety of occasions with clothing, but also the most secure and most easy to match the color. Which is the gray one of the three can play a role in the transition zone, it is not serious black, in addition to having a sense of professional, but also more than the average white workplace suit a little more sensual, is definitely a good work style select. Gray How to find a work style modeling day, let type men to tell you! Gray suit built-in soft power If you think the black suit is too formal, wear it to work will make you feel like drinking wine every day like this time The same neutral color, but gives the impression that relatively few murderous gray, is definitely the best choice, it will make you look a lot softer the whole person, close to the force can be increased by at least 50%. Long windbreaker is a magic weapon to increase the handsome In addition to the basic western coat, you must prepare a British atmosphere long windbreaker, and hip or knee length are good, it makes your style more change. This length of the jacket is actually very safe, even a small head can still wear, the whole person will therefore become more handsome. In addition, this season jacket is very popular double-breasted design, it is recommended to try, do not always wear a single breasted clothes, now double-breasted design will not be old! Jackets become the cornerstone of a mature and stable For the domestic More traditional business people and civil servants, jackets became the basic package, it gives a mature and stable impression, highlighting the personal style of acting resolute and resolute, positive and decisive, and gray jacket in particular to enhance such an impression. Jackets have also become unique labels for successful men in China. There are many gray levels, is a good representation of the level of wear material, as long as the principle of master color, generally not wrong too far off. Although a caliber jacket is a very important performance of the shape of a single product, but once inside, most people should be put on the coat aside, directly from within. At this moment, if you wear a shirt directly, there is really nothing wrong with it. However, if you feel too thin, adding a gray thin material knit jacket to the shirt will make you feel relaxed and more stylish .

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