AIMISUO · Amy Suo: Women's seven ways to make the brand stand out

So how to make your clothing stand out in the same products? How to make customers instantly have a strong desire to buy? How to enhance the brand image of consumers in the minds of consumers? More importantly, how to make your product package doubled to sell ?


This series of problems is the domestic apparel business brand, but also the store is an urgent problem. The current business promotion battlefield is filled with smoke, there are numerous different promotional methods are numerous: discount, Fan coupons, points, limited time buy, membership system and a series of competitive means. A variety of promotions eventually allow businesses to fall into the price war or even a vicious circle of war. Consumers for all kinds of promotions have also been tired of attitude, that businesses play a variety of games, the ultimate consumer or consumer. While businesses also spend huge financial resources for their own advertising, marketing practices do not bring the best profit distressed. Faced with the phenomenon, the business vision should be more open, the thinking is more acute? Now, the design concept of the store goods display is being mentioned at a strategic height.


The display of decorative goods in China is still a new industry, its development marks the advent of a new commercial and commercial era. Can not say that it can replace all the marketing tools to solve all the problems of businesses, but it is indeed a manifestation of fashion temperament, cultural progress, but also a more advanced approach to deal with businesses.

How to display brand women?

First, the same color with. Put together the same color clothing will give a very comfortable feeling, pay attention to the same color with the same style, the same length together, so as not to make people feel like a warehouse.

Second, contrasting colors. That is to use warm colors to express warm, such as: red clothes set off with green clothes, set off with blue clothes yellow clothes, placed on a pole, you can not let cool and warm colors of each 50%, preferably around 3: 7 The proportion of more appropriate, pay attention to the warm and cold interludes.

Third, rational use of living area. The so-called living area is the first to face the direction of flow of people most easily seen area, on the contrary for the dead zone. To push their own style of the main push live, the other models on the dead zone, this can greatly enhance sales.

Fourth, the number of models to control. Brand women, such as the number of models to be displayed on the display, and some operators think models are more likely to show the effect, put a lot of models in their own store, but it will play the opposite effect, people feel this brand has some "water" The so-called "scarcity of valuables," the best models to wear on the best models have the effect.

Fifth, rational use of "live model." Shopping guide buyers is a living model of clothing, which styles they will wear to sell which is a good way to reduce inventory.

Sixth, the time to grasp in place. To understand who is buying clothes every day, to women, for example, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are generally full-time wife, so that some of the fashion, higher prices, style unique clothes on the living District and wear on the model. Friday afternoon, Saturday, Sunday, visiting the shop mostly women who go to work, the best medium-priced clothing hung on the living area and model body.

Seventh, the product display must have a sense of rhythm. Do not be too rigid, do not appear discordant color, cold and warm with a sense of rhythm.

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