"GCCG" spring 2014 new conference will be held soon

Spring Mountain laughter hair autumn real

All the hard work and accumulation will be the driving force for our vigorous development.

The challenge we will meet in a transformational attitude will sur

Agate dyeing treatment

Since the 1960s, Germany and the United States have used various methods to "make up" the usual agate, giving it beautiful colors and stripes. After agate dyeing, it is called "umbu" in Brazil. Green agate, black agate, and blue agate are m

How much do you know about jade?

The ink is black, the green is green, the dark green is black, and the black is green, but not the jade, black agate, black black stone, they are different jade. There are not many people who know about Black Cui, and the products in the market are also lost.

Public relations small gifts should not be expensive

[China Gift Network News] Small gifts, as long as they are used properly, can prepare for your various business activities. Chinese people are always afraid of owing to others. Even if they have small gifts, the people who receive the gifts will alw

ZSNOI high-end men's summer fruitful autumn new products have been listed

Unconsciously, has entered the autumn season, the major shopping malls autumn also have listed, the Italian high-end men's brand ZSNOI is no exception. In the fall of 2013, ZSNOI products became richer. The saddle shoulder with engraving concept was a gentleman and the colors were also bri

What to wear when you go out for vacation?

Ben Wang said on August 13th that it was better to steal half a day's leisure time. In such a hot summer, it is better to find a place to go for a summer holiday. The holiday plan is indeed very distressing, especially for the fashionable dresses on vacation. People ar