The origin of pearl jewelry

The history of human use of pearls as ornaments is far more than what ordinary people know. In China, the history of using pearls dates back more than 2,000 years before BC. In the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period, there were records of pearls being exchanged as precious gifts. After the Qin and Han Dynasties, the legends of the pearls and the allusions of the allusions were everywhere. The Chinese dynasty dynasty regarded pearls as national treasures. The number of pearls buried after the death of Cixi in the Qing Dynasty can be seen. According to the "Love Moon Xuan Notes", there are 12,604 pearls inlaid on the golden silk koi in the cichlids. The silk scorpion covered with the remains has 2,400 pearls and a value of 1.32 million silver. The pearl inlaid on the top of the pearl phoenix crown is as heavy as 4, as large as a chicken egg, worth 20 million two silver, and there are thousands of pearls in the enamel, only a pearl net on the body is there. 6,000 pearls. In ancient times, most of the pearls were used for diving and diving. Every time a pearl was collected, it was very difficult. In the history of the Ming Dynasty, there were many people who were disfigured by the Zhu people to complete the task of “sending beads”, and even died in the fish belly. "The record." Due to the limited production of natural pearls and the difficulty in collecting, the pearls are regarded as rare and precious, and they are equal to the jade jade. The price is far above the gold and silver jewelry.

Pearl jewelry is also the most admired ornament of European nobility. The pearl was brought into Europe from the East after the medieval Crusades. In the centuries that followed, pearls flourished in Europe. The noble lady of the aristocratic class cherishes the elegant pearl jewelry. The brave and knights often wear pearls to the battlefield. They believe that the magic of this glorious jewel will protect them from harm. At that time, the Republic of Venice even issued a series of decrees on pearls, prohibiting most civilians from wearing pearl jewelry. Queen Elizabeth I of the United Kingdom is a fan of pearls. From the portrait of the British royal family, she can see that her clothes and jewelry are studded with crystal round pearls. The scepter and crown of the British royal family are also decorated with pearls as the symbol of the emperor.

Pearls symbolize chastity, honesty, peace and beauty in people's hearts. In the Western legend, the pearl is the gem of the moon, and the tears of the moon are dripping into the clam shell to create a pearl. In Indian mythology, pearls have a strong guardian power. Pearls have the effect of avoiding difficult body protection in the hearts of the ancients. The Westerners thought that Venus, the god of love, was born in a shell, and the water droplets that she dripped in the shower condensed into pearls.

Today, pearl jewelry is "a collection of thousands of pets in one." Whether it is the former British Prime Minister, Mrs. Thatcher, or the former US First Lady Ms. Nancy, or the Princess Diana who makes the world sigh, all of them favor the noble and elegant temperament of the pearl.

Since the pearl production in the Persian Gulf began to decline sharply in the 19th century, the production of natural pearls has become increasingly unable to meet people's needs. At this time, the diamond mines discovered in Brazil have not lost the opportunity to appear in front of people, so that the diamonds as the "king of gems" are gradually coming to the forefront. With the promotion and deepening of the artificial breeding technology of pearls, the production of cultured pearls is increasing day by day, and finally the pearl "the old Yan Wang Tang Tang Yan" can "fly into the homes of ordinary people" and become the new darling of the jewelry industry.


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