Be wary of clothes, toxic clothing, buy seven attention

Clothing, food and shelter, clothing first. It is difficult for people to associate clothing with the word harm. In fact, toxic clothing is as harmful to the human body as toxic food. The opportunity of “retaining poison” can be seen everywhere from the formation of clothing to the production of clothing. So how do you buy healthy clothes? Pay attention to the following eight major issues, you may be able to avoid buying "poisonous" clothes.

1. Generally speaking, light-colored clothing is more environmentally friendly than dark ones. Because the fabrics of light-colored garments are less likely to be contaminated during the production process, especially in close-fitting underwear. From a health point of view, it should be lighter.

2. When you choose clothing, you can choose not to have lining. For suits and other products that must be lined, you can choose non-stick lining technology products. Because the adhesive liner requires glue, the glue usually contains a solvent such as formaldehyde.

3. Many people like to buy foreign trade clothing, be more careful when buying, do not buy back products that have been returned for environmental reasons.

4. The green-certified clothing has a one-time laser holographic anti-counterfeiting mark, which can be illuminated by a laser pen, and 10 rings can be seen at any angle.

5. When you buy clothes, you may want to smell it. Most of the clothing with mildew, kerosene smell, fishy smell, benzene smell and other odors exceeds the standard and cannot be purchased.

6. Try not to buy non-iron clothes. Especially those who are allergic to formaldehyde, can't wear non-iron clothing.

7. Just buy the non-iron clothes, do not immediately hang into the closet, it is best to use the water to fully rinse and then wear to reduce the formaldehyde content in the clothing. After wearing new clothes, if skin irritation such as skin itching, contact dermatitis, or mood swings, poor diet, continuous cough, etc., consider whether it is caused by clothing discomfort, you should go to the hospital as soon as possible.

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