How to "raise" jade

If the jade is to be raised, is it a bit fresh? Although jade is not an animal or a plant, it does need nursing. Everyone knows that there are species of jade, and there are "old" and "tender" species. The "old" crystal grains are fine, the crystal gap is fine, the "nen" crystal grains are coarse, the crystal gap is wide, and there is a certain amount in the crystal gap. Moisture. The place where jade is produced, the groundwater source is rich, and the green stone contains abundant water molecules. In the dry environment of the north, it is natural to not maintain water loss, especially those kinds of thick jade water is easier. Losing water makes it dry, and when it is dry, it will produce smashing and cracking. If it is split, more jade will lose its beauty. The "old" jade has a very fine grain gap so that it can maintain its original head and remain permanent. Why is jade so "supporting", the reason is here. How to "raise" jade jewelry? Is it packed in the bottom of the pressure box to protect it? This is not all right, it is just general protection, protecting the shape of the jewelry from external damage, but it does not play a role in its internal water loss. In fact, the best and most practical way to "conserve" is to wear it as a decoration for people. It can be on the body, no matter which part of the human body it has a small environment of human body. Frequently, it will add Cui's water loss, make it moist, and the water head will be improved. Some "cotton" and "floss" can be dissipated and changed. This is called "people raise jade." The correct curing method for jade jade is: 1. Soak the jade in the clear water, wash the dirt with a soft brush, 2, wipe the water with a soft cotton cloth to dry, 3, evenly apply a layer of long incense Jade" jade nourishing liquid, 4, fully nourished, a few minutes on the line, then dry with cotton cloth, 4, can be worn, can also be stored. There are three points in the induction of jade jewelry: the first is to avoid hard and hard to make the jade jewelry damaged; the second is to avoid high temperature exposure, so as to avoid the jade jewelry losing water and tarnishing, cracking and eclipsing; the third is often hanging, often with soft cloth or soft Brush the water to remove the dirt on the top, and then, it is better to maintain a long-flavored care nourishing liquid for the jade. I hope that all those who have jade will "raise" the jade, "raise" the beauty, enrich our life. The humidity in the air in the southern part of the country is high, the water vapor is large, and the water loss of jade is much slower than that of the north. I remember that three years ago, Minrenfu Store displayed some jadeite materials as samples to explain to customers the Jadeite A, B, and C products. Among them, there is a thick piece of material, fine scorpion, dark green with black enamel, and there is no smashing and cracking on the sheet. After being placed for more than two years, it is unintentionally discovered when telling customers about A and B goods. There are white fine cracks on it, which is the phenomenon after Beijing's air drying and water loss.

Therefore, we tell our customers to pay attention to the maintenance when playing the green, collecting jade, remember not to expose to the sun, and the best maintenance is to hang on the person, can be attached to the skin can also be separated by clothes, that is, "people Raise the jade." It is to place the jade in a relatively warm and humid environment, and the human body is the best and most ideal "equipment". The constant temperature of the human body and the slightly acidic water vapor and oil stains will penetrate through the pores of the crystal gap, and the water vapor that has been lost by the jadeite will be replenished, so that the jade will be moisturized and moisturized, and it will gradually become transparent. Sometimes, when the material is made transparent, the original color becomes lighter (relatively speaking), and some of them become darker, just like when the colored clothes are wet, the color becomes darker. If the material itself contains a coloring element, then The color-causing elements are further oxidized by constant temperature and slightly acidic water, and then we will see a strange "long" color phenomenon.

The texture of jade is divided into five categories: one, glass; two, ice; three, egg white; four, fine seed; five, bean species and more coarse grain crystal species, five kinds of crystal gap formed by the gap hole From very fine and fine glass to large, thick and porous beans. The crystal structure of the bean species is much looser than that of the glass species. According to my experience, it is very difficult to "raise" the jewelry of the bean variety and make it become translucent. "Nursing" can make it moist. If you don't "raise" it, it will "slowly" dry out, lose the original moist feeling, and there will be many problems when the time is long. The bean material is coarse, and it is only suitable for thick lines when processing and engraving. It can't be exquisitely carved, so it can't be used as a collection. However, the jade ornaments of fine seed, egg white, and general ice materials will change very quickly under the protection of human beings. In a few months, we can see such changes, and develop the egg white to the egg white. Generally, the ice develops toward the approximate glass, and this change brings the texture of the lower grade to the texture of the higher grade. Of course, this change is not a change in the germplasm of the jade itself. It is only after the moisture of the water vapor, it has changed its visual sense. Therefore, as a true collection, it is necessary to pick things of ice and glass.

In the natural world, the original ice and glass species are scarce. In recent years, the price of jewelry for ice and glass has also increased. The creation of nature is so magical, the water is clear and there is no fish. With ice and glass, it is difficult to hang the emerald color on the top, and there are many kinds of colors in the color. The best in the color is the best in the jade.

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