Trendy winter jackets in trendy pants

This December 14, the grid element always has a place in the fashion industry, it does not necessarily have a classic black and white, but the grid has always been low-key and will never make it a must for all ages, and there is a grid This kind of magic, that is, a hundred people wearing it will have a hundred different effects, which is why people always have one or more pieces of clothing in the wardrobe. Relative to the plaid shirt, Plaid pants with a bit more difficult, but this is not difficult to fall fashionistas, let me take everyone to take a look at how to match Plaid pants, I hope useful to you.

Slim-fit trousers feature a straight leg line, with a red top and a gray knit jacket that reveals fashion elements without losing the individuality.

Dark gray plaid pants worn on the slender legs of the girls, both personality, but also more slender body, with a gray T-shirt, relaxed style and tight plaid pants in contrast, take a long section The windbreaker jacket is very popular. Adding a crimson wool hat to the burgundy hair dyed hair style will also make the complexion more white.

This striped print shirt is generous and generous. Impressionist blue stripes print bold and stylish. If you are a neutral pursuit and an admirer, then such a shirt must be a collectible in your closet. Whether you are outdoors or indoors, you can wear your “woman” alone. The gas field conveys. Paired with dark blue and dark black square trousers, paired with a shirt, is a must-have item. Put on a small hat, a dome hat, plus a black faux leather shoulder bag, the color of leisure is strong, and the western style is also officially expressed. Love cool girl, you must be heart.

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