Men will wear how to wear men along with Edison Dayton type

If you are called "handsome guy", do not be complacent, think people are praising you, now "handsome" can be said that only a title, there is no very special meaning, on the contrary if others call you male, even if Not for your appearance of affirmation, at least affirmed your clothing, you want to be the type of man in the eyes of others, hurry to Eddie Dayton make up classes. A wine red dot shirt, compared to the dark solid color shirt, it shows its special coat is selected a reddish brown leather coat, and to take the same color within, but there are differences Color, it looks harmonious and hierarchical, lower body a brown corduroy casual pants, but also the overall texture, looks very flavorful, with red wine shoes up and down, the male wear out It's The collar shirt coupled with dark green sweater, look more down-fashion, but if you want to enhance masculinity, you can try to wear a jacket, collar design, one second to highlight the male charm, brown-gray color and More wild do not pick people, lower body with a black suit pants, this wear, do you like?

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