Why do men always stare at her? How to wear oversized coat to look good

Early winter struck, fashion-loving sister who started the action again. High-energy warning in front: a large number of fashionable ladies come slowly, men, please note! After the sisters came close only to find: the original is wearing a large-sized coat! I do not know how this oversized coat is worn

芘筃 - BEIN

For the oversized coat, Xiao Bian always think thin sister to detour. In fact, this is not the case ... ... Large-size coat is not very pick people, as long as you have enough height can be friends. Profile, we can choose a waistband Well, so it will not look very empty friends.

男人为什么总是盯着她看? 大廓型大衣怎么穿才好看

When it comes to coats, Xiaobian feel within a body knit and a knit shorts + leggings on it. Not so troublesome! If you are more plump body, the belt will not, so it is more feminine Oh. To this Xiaobian only know: a feminine wear, can attract the attention of men!

Source: Pyrene ç­ƒ -BEIN women's brand

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